Growing old can take a real toll on our health. My friends and I used to joke that our bodies seemed to have shifted down a gear when we reach 40. Our weight and waistlines seem to grow despite our best efforts, and anything physical seems to require more exertion.

In 2011, I realized that unless I did something differently, the rest of my 40s, my 50s and beyond, were not going to be much fun. So I got serious with my diet, exercises, and lifestyle, learning as much as I could, experimenting and implementing what I learned.

I just turned 52, and I can honestly say I have not felt better since maybe my 30s. I decided that I should share my experiences, information, and new learnings. 50sFit is the place for me to do it, and you can read my story here.

I hope that this would be useful to you and that through sharing and discussing, we can learn together to live a fuller life even as we age.

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